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Vegetarian Quote of the Day

To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.  I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.  ~Mahatma Gandhi



Vegetarian and Vegan Guide

The Vegetarian Vegan Guide provides you with all the information you need whether you are a Vegetarian or a Vegan.

Learn to create delicious vegetarian meals, from exquisite Tofu pancakes for breakfast, Apple Crunch Muffins as a in between snack for those peckish moments through to Wild Rice and Mushroom Casserole for dinner!

In fact we've prepared a whole range of easy vegetarian recipes for you, which include regional vegetarian recipes and many more to help you experience that little something different! (We will add to this list as we test new vegetarian recipes)

What is a Vegetarian or Vegan?

Ever thought about it? 

Do you think being a vegetarian or vegan could benefit your health in any way?... or have you thought about the possible effects of becoming a vegetarian on children and infants?

Do you know the difference between a Vegan and a Vegetarian?

Here are some great news! This site includes in-dept information, tips and Vegetarian recipes covering all the immediate questions you might have, this site provides you with a section with more reading and resources to help you understand the differences and implications.

We hope that you find the information on this site of great assistance in your quest to become a Vegetarian or Vegan !

*If there is anything you would like to see more on this site in the future, or got any suggestions for improving our site - please let us know.

Vegetarian News Updates

  • Vegetarian Intelligence (Video) - It seems that children who grow up to be vegetarians as adults have higher IQs than their meat-eating and vegan counterparts, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.
  • Vegan Diet Lowers Diabetes Risk (Video) - We are hearing more and more about the benefits of becoming a vegetarian.
  • Phuket Vegetarian Festival (Video) - The Phuket Vegetarian Festival celebrates the beginning of Taoist Lent, when devout Chinese abstain from eating all meat. The festival takes place on the first 9 days of the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.